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Totem Agency Visual Marketing, the newest Atlanta creative hub, introducing a fresh and innovative approach to visualcontent development.  Here at Totem, we specialize in creating visual content that utilizes best practices and improves upon your current marketing strategies. Our one-stop-shop allows us to connect to a vast array of creative industry professionals to meet your unique need cost-effectively.


Utilize industry-specific media to invent and create leading-edge, commercialized content.


Evolve your companies visual marketing  by defining their uniqueness and brand aesthetic.


Reinforce distinct business values to maximize brand awareness and exposure.

Meet the team!

Meet our founding members!

Ashley Richardson

Co-Founder & CEO

Kate Shaub

Co-Founder & CTO

Brady Price


Sean Barnes

Co-Founder & CEO

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25 Park Place N.E.
Atlanta, GA 30303


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Your vision meets our science.

Because amazing branding backs every idea, we believe design solutions should be accessible to everyone. So we made it that way. Access a personal branding guide curated from top design experts and AI technology.

Make something you trust your audience will enjoy.

  • AI
    Make your content interactive with animation.
  • Toolbox
    Find premium logo sites for any industry.
  • Recommendations
    Reach your audience through impactful web design.
  • Visuals
    Visuals are the most effective way of passing information. Our toolbox gives the right components to build for your audience effectively.


Finally, a simple creation process. our science.

The second step to seeing your brand is building great content. Find favorite creation tools, research aids, trends, and inspiration, conveniently in one place. We made it easy to learn and create, limit your clicks, and save time.

Regardless of skill level, you too can create stunning content.

  • Photography
    Conveniently access meaningful stock images and DIY editors.
  • Videography
    Videos are powerful. Discover easy-to-use editors and amazing stock videos.
  • Animations
    Make your content interactive with animation.
  • Logos
    Find premium logo sites for any industry.


Easy and consistent sharing.

More content means more posting and an improved online reputation. Access your favorite sharing platforms right from your dashboard. Publish your content and see how others are sharing.

Your visual identity deserves to be seen by everyone, make it that way!

  • Websites
    Reach your audience through impactful web design. We've included all the steps you need to create and maintain your site.
  • Illustrations
    Find amazing digital illustrators, a fresh and exciting addition to any content.
  • Graphic Design
    Access personal design recommendations and easy ways to create them.
  • Social Media
    Combine all your social platforms in one place, a great management addition to your dashboard.